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Somerville NJ.​

Stair from 1956 in Somerville New Jersey

The stringer on the right side of the stair was not nailed to the wall causing the treads to cracking and sinking on the right side.  I replaced all t​he treads and risers, added my S.D. Crutches ,and secured the right stringer. New box newel posts and stained it Dark walnut . 

Edison NJ. 

Stair from 1928 in Edison NJ.  This stair just needed to be freshened up. It had old carpet over pine treads and pine risers. All builder grade . ​All the carpet was removed . New oak treads and pie risers. New continuos oak railing , box newel post, and steel balusters. Installed my S.D Crutches and stained it Gunstock.

Cranford NJ.

Stair from 1924 in Cranford NJ. This stair had an old runner which was covering all types of wear, cracks and sinking treads and risers. The runner was removed. New oak treads, and new oak risers. We made the treads from a solid oak lumber. NOT prefab like most. Installed our S.D Crutches which give each step its own individual solid platform. Oak cove molding. All stained Golden oak.

Nutley NJ.

Fairview NJ.

This stair from 1917 in Fairview NJ.  Now this stair was one of my favorites. This one was hanging off its last thread. Treads were sinking, cracked, and separated from the stringer. Every step squeaked. The old original post and railing had 5 layers of paint. We installed new oak treads, white pine risers. Stringers were refinished white. The post and railing was sanded down. Custom made balusters installed. Oak cove molding. Stained Dark Walnut

Berlin NJ.

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