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-This happens when your shims have completely fallen out . Homeowners dont know whats going on until it too late. If you see any Gaps between the stringer and the treads like in

<<<<<<  this picture on the left, you need to call me to schedule an appt, to diagnose , discuss a plan and schedule a start date.

TEXT : 201-598-8160


If this happened to you , you need to call us right away to repair it. The shims in the stringers which held your treads and risers in place have broken and the entire step has collapsed. This is something that can be avoided with a quick checkup.

Things to look for so this doesn't happen to you .

#1 . Very squeaky step.

#2 . A lot of movement in the step while walking on it.

#3. Gaps between the stringer and the treads like the picture shown above. ^^^^.       

#4. Gaps between the riser and the treads (below the nosing)

#5. Cracks across the entire tread.

Cracked tread.

 That's an obvious reason of a structural problem. This doesn't just happen. A solid foundation wouldn't allow this to happen to a tread no matter what type of wood is used. 

Please call # 201-598-8160

Wow please call me.

There is no reason to let this continue. I'm waiting . Please call me, text, e-mail, anything. I would love to get my hands on one of these. #thestairdoctorsavedme

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